Bianco Reinforcing is a South Australian manufacturer of steel reinforcing for the building, civil and construction industries. We provide:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Made to order products
  • Operate 24 hours

We provide a vast array of services from estimating, scheduling and manufacturing to processing steel reinforcing and associated products.

Our team of estimators and schedulers can handle any job varying from house footings to multi-storey buildings.

The health and safety of all Bianco Reinforcing employees, contractors and visitors is a priority which is implemented through the ongoing review of the Work Health and Safety Management system.

We have a strong safety culture made possible by our dedicated team who use the latest Risk Management System (Skytrust - QHSE Integrated Solutions) combined with a robust auditing system to minimise risk to all.

We have achieved accreditation by a third party to AS/NZS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This represents our company’s strive for continuous improvement and our aim to keep all employees, contractors and visitors safe from injury and risks to their health.

Our staff is fully trained in effective risk and hazard identification and use the hierarchy of controls to reduce the risk of all hazards. Where elimination is not possible, we will use external consultants to implement changes that will reduce the risk. Our employees are obliged to report all incidents and any unsafe practices and if an injury occurs, our injury management process ensures they have a fast and effective return.

We are continually monitoring our WHS system to ensure we have the most effective and up-to-date processes in place by utilizing internal and external knowledge.

We believe in order to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, we must ensure total commitment to our quality system.

Our quality management system has been accredited by a third party to ISO9001 Quality management systems, which enables us to effectively meet all contractual and manufacturing requirements.

We have an ongoing commitment to the Quality Assurance System and ensure that our quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the business. Our service is guaranteed by our dedication to producing quality products and services all the time.

Our commitment to quality includes:

  • Staff training and motivation
  • Document quality processes
  • Continued analysis of systems and products
  • Implementation of contingency processes

Our Quality Assurance team has a wealth of knowledge and experience which gives us a solid foundation from which we can create and implement all our Quality Assurance documents and processes.

All employees actively participate and are committed to the implementation and maintenance of all quality assurance processes throughout the business. 

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Our Services

Our services include:

  • Full estimating and detailed scheduling
  • Manufacturing of mesh including non-standard sizes made to order
  • Processing of bar, ligatures and mesh to suit all projects
  • ACRS product certification
  • Accessories including Building Film, Chairs, Specialised Dowels and Jointing Systems

We utilise internal and external resources which include but not limited to Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (ACRS) and the Steel Reinforcement Institute of Australia (SRIA).

Bianco Reinforcing
Bianco Steel
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Our Projects

Bianco Reinforcing
Bianco Reinforcing
Bianco Reinforcing